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Journey in the Spring Chapter 2

A Springtime Spanking Romance Short Story About the Journey Family
by Patricia Green

Copyright ©2012-2021 Patricia Green & Bethany’s Woodshed
Published on The Woodshed, September 2012.

This story is divided into 2 chapters. Chapter 1 can be found here.
Journey in the Spring Cover

Chapter 2

Down the hall, Will and Queenie settled in the guest room and arranged pillows so that Queenie could nurse the two squalling infants at the same time. “The nerve of that woman,” she said, still fuming.

“She’s young,” Will pointed out, unhelpfully.

“I don’t care if she’s in kindergarten! The very idea that she’d say such a thin’!” She tried to calm down, to simply enjoy the warm sensation of feeding her babies, but she got angrier by the minute. “I should have slapped her.”

Will sighed and ran his fingers though his sun-lightened auburn hair. “Calm down, Queenie. It’s over now. I’m sure she won’t say anything like that again.”

“I hope not. I might have to yank some of that mousy brown hair off her head.”

Chuckling, Will said about the worst thing he could have said. “Honey, you have brown hair too. If you didn’t dye it-”

“Don’t be such a clod, Will!”

He frowned. “A clod, huh?”

“Yeah, a clod. Aren’t you mad at the li’l twit?”

“Well, I wish she hadn’t said what she said, but I have to say, I’m madder at you for calling me a clod.”

Queenie was instantly remorseful. She was taking her anger out on Will and there was no good reason for that. A niggling resentment was bubbling up, something that she and Will had to work out soon. Queenie let the conversation lapse until the babies were finished, finally handing Powell over to Will to be burped.

“Will…” she began, her Texas drawl thicker since she was a bit upset. She wasn’t sure how to ask what she wanted to know, and it was unusual for her to be so tongue-tied. Queenie took a deep breath. “Will, you still love me, right?”

He looked genuinely surprised. “Of course I do, honey. What makes you ask that?”

“Because the doctor said we could go back to our sex life a week ago and you haven’t touched me.”

“Oh,” he said. He didn’t follow that up with further comment, and Queenie’s heart got heavy.

Myrna burped and Queenie cleaned her little mouth, then began to rock her to sleep. “I miss you,” she told her husband softly.

“Even though I’m a clod?”

“I didn’t mean that!”

“I know. But your temper, Queenie, is your worst problem.”

“Are you perfect, Mr. Los Angeles?”

“The name’s Mazie, Mrs. Mazie, and no, I’m not perfect. But this is something you need to work on more.”

“Don’t be a pompous ass, Will.” She realized immediately that she’d insulted him again, but she wasn’t going to back down once the words were said.

“I’m sure I didn’t hear you correctly.”

“You heard me.”

“We’re here at a family event. Our babies need your attention, but when we get home, I’m going to blister your fanny. You’ve got no reason to call me names. I don’t care how disturbed Gabby’s remark made you or how much stress you’ve been under since the babies were born. I don’t call you names and you know you shouldn’t call me names either.”

“I’m sorry.” And she was. He was right, and now she’d gotten herself into hot water.

“That’s not going to stop me from taking a strap to your ass.”

* * *

People were slow to start up conversations with Gabby for the rest of the afternoon, but they did warm up a little toward the end of the day.

An opportunity arose, so Gabby approached Queenie and sat down next to her. Her eyes were glued to the infant in the carrier next to her mother. “She’s beautiful.”

“She’s still called Myrna,” Queenie pointed out. “And, yeah, she’s beautiful.”

Gabby’s face flamed. She didn’t know what she’d been thinking earlier, spouting her venom like that. “I’m sorry, Queenie. What I said was uncalled for.”

The older woman eyed her for a moment, then nodded. “Apology accepted.” She nibbled at a cookie. “Got your ass whooped, didn’t you?”

Face getting even hotter, Gabby nodded. “Yes.”

“It shows.”

She’d never get used to the idea that all the Journeys knew she got spanked. It was incredibly embarrassing. “I feel like an idiot.”

“Well, now it’s over. You can move on. Everyone will forget about it in a day or so. By Easter it’ll be nothin’ but a ghostly memory.” She put her half-eaten cookie aside and played with something in the diaper bag. “Unlike me. Will’s gonna take his strap to me when we get home. And I deserve it, too.”

Did everyone around here have a thing for spanking? “What did you do?”

“Lost my temper. Called him names.” She paused. “And I know better, too. He doesn’t like to be disrespected, and callin’ names is about as much disrespect as there is.”

Gabby nodded, finally reaching out to tentatively pat Queenie’s knee. “I’m sorry. It’s my fault. I provoked you.”

Queenie’s gaze went directly to Gabby’s face. “I’m my own person, Gabby. I didn’t have to treat my husband that way. I deserve to be spanked.”

They sat there in silence until the afternoon drew to a close a few minutes later. Gabby gave Queenie a special hug as the woman gathered up her things to leave.

“Keep your chin up, sister.”

Queenie smiled. “You, too.”

* * *

At home, Queenie fed her babies and took a brief nap. She was quite refreshed when she awoke, but then she remembered that she was going to get spanked and some of her good mood faded away. Maybe she could talk Will out of being harsh with her. A few smacks, maybe, and that might be all.

She found him in their family room, reading a journal about ranching.

“Hey, honey.”

He glanced up and gave her a tight smile. “Have a good nap?”

Nodding, she took a seat across from him. “I’m sorry.”

“I know, but that temper of yours…”

“Yeah.” She sighed. “It’s always been my Achilles’ heel.”

“We’re working on it, Queenie. Eventually, we’ll have it licked.”

“Or my butt will wear out.”

He laughed.

“Will, I want to talk about the sex issue first.”


Seeing the expression on his face, the determined set of his jaw, Queenie knew that an argument wasn’t going to get her anywhere. And, under the circumstances, arguing was likely to get her into deeper trouble.

Will offered his hand. “Come into the kitchen with me.”

“I don’t want this, Will. Please can we chalk it up to stress?”

“This’ll relieve your stress. Come on.”

Sighing, she took his hand and followed him into the gleaming kitchen. Their man-of-all-work, Arthur, kept it clean and organized, which made life much easier. He was in Sonora shopping, however, so he wouldn’t be home for some time. The house was all theirs.

Will walked her over to the breakfast table and pressed her hand on the surface. “Over the table and pull your dress up and panties down.



“Yes, sir.” She did as he ordered, folding herself over the cool wood of the table. Her bottom was fully exposed, and she had a moment of self-consciousness owing to the fact that it wasn’t quite the same bottom as before she’d gotten pregnant. She hadn’t gained a lot of fat, but a little, and her previously lithe figure was more womanly than before. Will hadn’t complained, so far, but this was the most intimate they’d been since the babies were born.

He walked away for a moment but soon returned, tapping something against his palm. “No strap this time.”

A hand-spanking would be worse. Work on the ranch made his hands so hard and a little calloused. It occurred to Queenie to beg, but she knew she deserved this, so she gritted her teeth together and prepared for the worst.

There was a soft whoosh in the air before the sharp pain blossomed on one of her bottom cheeks. She craned her neck to look over her shoulder just as Will brought down a heavy wooden spoon on her behind again. She cried out softly, and steeled herself for more.

Again and again he struck, and her butt began to feel bruised and severely sore. Every new stroke was agony and she was gasping at the shock of the blows. When she started crying fully, he paused. Ten seconds later he started up again and it was worse than before. If he hadn’t paused, if he’d continued with the spanking, it would have been less awful. And it would have been over sooner.

As it was, he whaled on her butt more before he started his lecture.

“I tell you time and again that you need to control your temper, Queenie.”

“Y-yes, sir!” She was beginning to stutter as the words got lost in the pain.

“You need to listen to me and mind what I say.”

“Y-yes, sir!”

“If you think before you talk, you’ll do better.”

“I kn-kn-know!”

“I won’t make you apologize to Gabby, because she was out of line and I can understand how you’d be mad at her.”

“Thank y-you!”

Her butt was on fire, the spoon landing on her sit spots now, and agony shot from her rear right down to her toes.

“But I deserve a heartfelt apology. I don’t want to hear you calling me names again.”

“Y-yes, sir! I’m so sorry!”

“I don’t believe you.”

“Please! I’m really, really sorry!” What could she do to make him believe her? She’d strayed so far over the line, calling him names. “I won’t do it again!”

More spanks from the wooden spoon, and little screams tore from her throat. She didn’t think she could take anymore.

“I mean it, Queenie. No more of that lip from you!”

It was too much. Her butt was dying, she was dying, the pain was overwhelming. The tension left her body and she went limp. All the stress went flowing out of her fingertips and there was nothing but Will’s warm body behind her and the strokes of the spoon.

He stopped suddenly and she sobbed with relief.

“That’s better. All that pent up stuff is gone, isn’t it?’

She nodded, unable to say anything.

There was a long pause as she panted and moaned. And then she felt a warm, slightly rough sensation on her burning behind.

It was Will’s tongue, she realized. It left a coolness behind as he licked over the screaming skin of her bottom and down her thighs. He pressed her legs apart, and soon he was sliding his tongue up to her pussy lips.

Her moans changed from agony to anticipation. Closer and closer he came, little licks alternating with long strokes. Finally, the tip of his tongue caressed her moist pussy.

It was so good. The contrast of the pleasure after the pain was incredible.

“I’ve been waiting for this, honey,” he told her. “I wanted to wait to have you until the christening was over. You’ve been so worked up about it, I didn’t want to make more demands on you.”

“I’m sorry, Will,” she said on a sniffling sigh.

She felt his fingers parting her folds and his tongue began to delve into her opening. Gasping, Queenie couldn’t help but press back and squirm. Although her body was loose after the spanking, a little ribbon of desire tensed the muscles in her core.

When his tongue found her clit, she arched, gasping as an electric current flowed along her center. “Ah, Will…”

Whatever he said was lost in her wet pussy, but it didn’t matter. He pressed a finger into her, then two, and thrust them in and out slowly at first, but with increasing vigor.

She was getting closer to the pinnacle, her pussy swollen with need, but he stopped and stood up behind her.

“Don’t stop,” she begged, the neediness in her voice plaintive.

Rustling noises, and finally the distinctive sound of a zipper being released. “I won’t stop, honey.”

The smooth head of his cock probed against her pussy, parting the folds and poking her clit. Sensation became an agony unlike what she’d felt from the spanking. It was heat and need and curling pleasure. She moaned louder this time and arched back, parting her legs wider, trying to encourage him to push in. “More!”

He chuckled, and complied a little bit, grasping her hips firmly. Slowly, he slid in deep. She loved the sensation of his warm hardness there, the stretch of her channel and the pressure of his pelvis against her bottom. Even the heat of his touch on her burning behind was welcome because it was a joining.


“No, slowly,” he contradicted. “I want to take my time. It feels like it’s been a long time.”

“Ah, Will, I need you…”

His hand pressed her back into a deeper arch down against the table. “How beautiful you are, Queenie.”

“Mmm. Thank you.” The ribbons in her belly, shiny and slick, were twisting into tight knots. “Harder, please.”

He stroked harder, his steady rhythm becoming sharp pounding. She tried to arch even more, her butt high in the air and her breasts flat on the table.

“I want…I want…”

“I know what you want, honey.” Will slid his fingers over her dripping pussy and she heard him hiss softly as he touched himself on the way by. He gathered up moisture and rubbed it against the tight pucker between her bottom cheeks.

The pounding sped up slightly and she moaned, wishing she could encourage him more, offer more of her ass.

“Oh, God, Will…”

A finger slid into her ass and she whimpered. It was so wonderful to have both her bottom and her pussy filled. A second finger followed the first and her panting got harsher.

“Yes! Yes! Yes!”

Will thrust in counterpoint: fingers, cock, fingers, cock. Queenie thought she’d go mad with the overwhelming pleasure. She was nearly there, so close. Pressure was building in her womb. She was glad he’d waited. The feelings now were more potent because of the wait.

“You feel so good, babe,” he told her. “I missed you so much.” He groaned softly as he stroked faster and faster. “It was so hard to wait, seeing you every day and not being able to touch.”

“Will! I’m so close! More! More, please!”

He pounded harder, faster; his fingers rotated and wiggled. She fought the urge to scream. But, in fact, as the orgasm shot through her, she did scream. Queenie felt like a wispy dandelion in the wind, blown away into a thousand little fluffy sparkles.

Will continued to piston into her, unrelenting, and her senses rose even higher. Gasping, moaning, she wriggled back against the cock and fingers that penetrated her. She didn’t know if she could take more, but more was what she wanted. Queenie’s pussy thrummed with ripples of greedy sensation.

Her husband’s breathing was harsh, each hard stroke into her body bringing forth a soft, sexy grunt from him. She snuck a glance over her shoulder. There was sweat on his brow and his jaw had a rigid set. A pulse beat quickly in the thick veins running from his chest up his neck.

The sight of his hard body further enflamed Queenie and she called out his name as another punishing orgasm brutally overwhelmed her.

Will continued for another few minutes, and Queenie, though exhausted, remained excited by the thought of how he must look as he filled her. His body was hard from ranch work, heavy with muscle and tanned deeply. He was her human god, and she wanted to be his holy vessel.

“I want it, Will,” she moaned. “Yes!”

He growled and jammed into her, harder than before, and then paused, grinding his hips against her. Queenie could feel the pulsing of his orgasm like the vein in his throat, following the rhythm of his hurried heartbeat.

Panting, he loosened his death grip on her hips and stroked her back as she released its painful arch.


“Mmm. I know.”

He didn’t slide out of her, though his body relaxed as he got his breath under control. “You are so fantastic,” he told her. “I love you.”

She loved him with all her heart. She couldn’t imagine sharing her life with anyone else. “I love you, too, Will.”

Finally, he stepped back from her and slipped his fingers out. “Let’s take a shower and then it’ll be time to feed the babies again, won’t it?”

She nodded, straightening up and stretching the kinks out. That had been worth waiting for.

* * *

Easter dinner with his family was always a festive occasion. They went to mass together, and afterward, descended on Journey’s End with enthusiasm and appetite.

Jackie had a friend from school with her, and the young ladies sat in the corner of the family room, giggling and gossiping about the men at college whom they’d like to know better.

Ace tried not to frown at the idea of his baby sister with a man. She was twenty-two years old, and mature enough to have a steady boyfriend if she wanted one. But, as far as Ace was concerned, he’d better be someone special and worthwhile.

He thought about Gabby, also twenty-two, and how she was married to him. So, in reality, Jackie could be a married woman. The idea gave him pause.

Queenie’s babies were popular among his family. The first grandchildren. No one expected that Queenie would be the first among the five siblings to have children. Ace, as the oldest, should have been the one. If not him, then Deuce, the second child. But that hadn’t been the way it worked out. Deuce had given them some hope when he got involved with a woman with a little boy who needed a father, however, that relationship didn’t last. Deuce sometimes brought the boy to the ranch, in spite of the breakup of the relationship, but it wasn’t the same as having kids around all the time.

Ace felt a little guilty for not providing his widowed father with grandchildren. He’d examined the whys and wherefores several times over the years. Mostly, he’d been reluctant to commit to a woman. None had been the right one…until Gabby.

Now that he’d found her, he couldn’t get enough of her. She was his and his possessive and protective instincts were high where she was concerned.

He watched her smiling, holding Myrna in her arms, and imagined her cuddling with his baby. The idea made him smile. But was Deuce right? Could he share her time, her attention, with another person? Even his own child?

Gabby would be twenty-three in eight months. He had eight months to get used to the idea of having her divide her attention, having demands put upon her that he couldn’t easily relieve. He was mature enough to realize that even their sex life would change. That was painful; he was always hot for her, more so than any other woman he’d known.

Internally, he chided himself. How selfish was he, really? He loved kids. He loved Gabby. He wanted the full package.

When Gabby approached, Myrna having been put down for a nap, he wrapped an arm around his wife’s shoulders and kissed her forehead. “I like seeing you there with the baby.”

She grinned up at him, her eyes sparkling like melted chocolate under a light. “I promised Queenie that I’d babysit anytime she wanted a break.” Her hand came up and stroked his cheek. “I hope you don’t mind.”

In fact, that was exactly the kind of thing he wanted. He’d help Gabby babysit. It gave him an opportunity to get used to having a baby around, to get his feet wet watching and participating in the chores and pleasures of children.

Yeah, he was ready for this. With the spring calving, the bright cheerfulness of the hay growing high and green, he realized he was starting a new episode in his life.

“No, I don’t mind, li’l girl. I’ll even help.”

“You will? Oh that would be fun, Ace!” She sparkled and kissed him quickly.

He frowned, though he was teasing her when he said, “But no diaper changin’.”

Gabby giggled. “Okay. But considering what you deal with on the ranch, I wouldn’t think you’d be squeamish. My big, strong husband is afraid of a little baby doo.”

He laughed, looking around at his family and feeling the warmth of their love permeating the atmosphere. Someday, his kids would be running around on Easter Sunday, creating havoc and getting into mischief like their mother.

Hugging his wife tighter, he whispered in her ear. “Tonight, I’m gonna spank your pussy a dozen times for every night you teased me, until it is so hot and so swollen…” He nuzzled, enjoying the smell of her. “Mmm, yeah, I like that idea real fine. You’re gonna remember my hand whenever you even think about puttin’ on panties this week, li’l girl.”

Her giggle was low and provocative in response to his lewd suggestion. “Do you think they’ll miss us if we go upstairs right now?”

His answer was to take her hand and guide her quietly out of the noisy room.

Up in their suite, Ace pulled her roughly to him and pressed her belly into his growing erection.

Things progressed until they found themselves in their big bed, naked and squirming together like puppies under a blanket.

Ace nibbled on his wife’s peaked nipples and fingered her pussy until she was panting and gasping. When she started begging for more, he pushed her knees further apart and brought her close to orgasm. He did this twice and, just as she was riding a wave higher and higher, he spanked her hot, wet center.

Her hips shot off the bed and she called out his name.

“Don’t come yet,” he warned her. “Wait for it.”

“But… Oh, God!”

Again he spanked her, his palm striking her clit ungently several times. “No, li’l girl.” She squirmed under his hand and he slapped her tender flesh over and over again. Gabby writhed and moaned, her pelvis rising to meet his hand with the spanks.

“Ace! I can’t wait! I can’t!”

He climbed on top of her, admiring her red pussy lips and swollen clit. She was ripe, his woman. Ripe and wet and smelling of sweat and sex.

Ace fitted a condom on himself and then jabbed her sharply with his cock. She gasped and grabbed at his hips, pulling him closer, lifting her hips to meet his thrusts.

“Mine,” he growled as she squirmed beneath him. “Come when I do.”

“Don’t make me wait. Please!”

“Someday, li’l girl, we’ll make that baby you want so bad, right this way. I want you to feel everything today. I want you to remember it like I will. This is our time together.”

He pounded deep in her, enjoying the tightness of her sheath and the way her body rose to meet his. Pulling her knees over his shoulders, he thrust even deeper and she moaned and fretted. “I love you, Ace! God, you make me feel so good!”

Ace wanted a kind of sensory snap shot, wanted to build a memory album of them, and, he knew, with a suddenness that shocked him, that there would always be more Gabby there for him. She needed and loved him. No matter how many children they had. No matter what tribulations their lives passed through, they’d have each other. Sex would be there, sure, but there would be hundreds, thousands, of other rich moments in their lives.

He slowed his strokes for a minute and she begged for more.

“Come with me, Gabby,” he said softly, though he was breathing hard. “Now.”

With one final thrust, he felt her pussy knead and massage him. It drove him over the edge and they shared a blissful trip together into oblivion and a new phase in their lives.

It was a journey he didn’t want to miss.

~ The End~