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The Problem with Daddy
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Life on the outside is much harder than it was at home for Gwen. At home she was spoiled and trotted out like a prize filly. But in the real world, without family support a widow has to pull her own weight. It complicates matters when her father is chasing her down to drag her back home.

Dark, intense, David Locke has demons from his past as a Civil War soldier to deal with. He tries to keep the devil in him under control, but sometimes no amount of self-control is enough, especially during intimate encounters. Gwen draws it out and encourages the calm that comes after the storm. But can Gwen continue to guide David’s darkness into safe spaces? And can she manage to get loose of her controlling father?

This is book three in the Stagecoach Daddies series and can be enjoyed independently.

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An excerpt.