The Book Gourmet – A Little Fantasy and a New Name

book gourmetFirst Course – The Amuse Bouche

A Wilder Heart (by Loki Renard) –  Aster hates Owen for spanking her, but can she put it behind her to survive in the winderness?

Falconhill (The Acolyte Book 3) (by Stevie Prescott) — She’s the “Whore of Barbary”. Can she find respectability in America with a ruthless man who makes his own rules in society?

Incubus Moon_smSecond Course – The Appetizer

I’d like to change gears a little bit here, focusing on one of my favorite books of all time. I have a number of these, all in different genres, but this one, a fantasy BDSM love triangle, is one I read regularly. The book is called Incubus Moon and is by Penny Alley. It tells the story of two incubi who fall in love with a young woman who has recently been turned. In the book, she has to come to grips with her new state, and deal with the interest of these two men. One is a very honorable, upright, kind and generous man, and the other is a terrible BDSM bad boy who doesn’t want to admit he’s in love with her. The two incubi acknowledge that they must share her interest, each in his own way. There are no sexual menage scenes, but the love triangle is tense, hungry and very well described. While this difficult sexual battle is being fought, the tribe of “good incubi” who do not prey on humans has to fight the horrible incubi who use humans as food. The fight is harsh and the stakes are…everything.

I highly recommend this book, Incubus Moon by Penny Alley. It’s a good, long read and will keep you turning the pages for both the love story and the fantasy thriller.

Third Course – The Entrée

I have some interesting news. I’m taking a pen name. Oh, not for the majority of my books, but just as a kind of trial balloon. I did this on the advice of one of my publishers, Blushing Books. The first release under this new name will be on October 24. It’s the re-release of one of my contemporary, erotic, spanking romances, and the new title is “The Rebel’s Correction.” It tells the story of a young, rebellious, Goth model who keeps trying to find love in all the wrong places. When a conservative young man comes in contact with her, he is surprised by his own desire for her. They have a lot to work out, however, as Mr. Conservative meets Ms. Goth.  I’ll reveal the cover on FB and with the new blurb here next week.

PG's Perfect PosseFourth Course – The Dessert

Just a reminder, I have a street team forming. The street team will be given swag and books in exchange for honest reviews and good word of mouth publicity. If you think you can show me a little fan love, I’d really like to have you on my team. Gifts are being sent regularly, so sign up for yours. Here’s where to get the details.