Cover: Jackie Draws a Straight
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“That was my favorite hat, woman,” he said, spanking steadily. Gabby’s behind was getting past pink and right on into red. The spanks traveled down her upper thighs.

Jackie stood there, aghast, and at the same time, she was a little jealous. Obviously, Ace cared enough about his young wife to discipline her. Jackie had sometimes wished her father had pushed her toward better behavior like that. It was a loving thing to do, even though it looked rather painful. Ace was teaching Gabby not to behave so badly in the future, and letting the woman know that he wouldn’t tolerate bratty behavior. He was making the consequences suit the crime. Jackie knew that she, herself, had a bratty streak, but it was so unlikely that she’d find someone who cared about her the way Ace cared for Gabby, that it was depressing. Her father, who cared for her deeply, hadn’t done it. Why would anyone else?

She wanted a husband, a home, a solid marriage with a man who wouldn’t let her get away with every little thing. Jackie knew she was a bit spoiled. Well…a lot spoiled. Her father and older siblings had treated her like a precious treasure after their mother died. Jackie had been two, and growing up under the indulgent eyes of the Journeys had made her what she was today. Being loved so much was a good thing, but maybe a little discipline was a good thing, too.

Ace’s hand smacked a steady rhythm on her sister-in-law’s bright red rump, and Gabby was sobbing now and apologizing after each hard spank.

“Are you ever gonna do such a fool thin’ again, li’l girl?”

“N-no-” hiccough, “—sir.”

He spanked the junction of her bottom and thighs and Gabby squirmed and tried to get away. Ace firmly held her in place with his free hand. “You bet you won’t!”

“I’m sorry!”

Jackie couldn’t imagine what that would feel like. Gabby’s butt must be hot as a fireplace log by now. She was crying loudly, sniffling and sobbing, squirming and clutching onto the couch and Ace’s leg with white-knuckled fingers.

“Don’t you ever, ever let me catch you doin’ that kinda thin’ again!”

The spanking stopped. It was a relief to Jackie’s ears, though Gabby’s continued sobs tore at her heart. Truth was, Gabby deserved to be punished for destroying Ace’s hat. Jackie had never witnessed such a stunning display before, though, and although she sided with her brother, she also felt sorry for his wife, who was no older or more jaded than Jackie.

Ace helped his wife onto his lap and held her close to his chest as she cried. He rubbed her back and nuzzled her hair and ear. Jackie couldn’t hear what he whispered in Gabby’s ear, but the woman nodded and gave him a slight, watery smile.

He patted her back. “Go on now.”

“Yes, sir.” Gabby rose and gingerly pulled up her jeans and panties. Jackie noted that her panties were pink with white polka dots. It was a funny detail to note, but Jackie was a little overwhelmed, so she made allowances for herself. She shrank back into the shadows as Gabby rushed by, heading for the stairs, and presumably, for the suite she shared with Ace.

Ace sat on the couch for a minute, rubbing his hard right hand on his thigh. Jackie thought, rather smugly, that it ought to hurt, all things considered. It surprised her when he spoke.

“You can come out from lurkin’, Jackie.”

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