Sonata's-Moon-300x450Surface: Sonata’s Moon – Book One
Copyright ©2015 Patricia Green.
All rights reserved.

Climbing the narrow staircase, they passed two other couples, the smell of shared essences emanating from them. He glanced skyward in a silent plea to be rid of this compelling red-haired nuisance soon.

Once in a bedroom upstairs, he sat her on the navy-draped bed and took a seat in a straight-backed chair across from her. In the dimmer bedroom light, her eyes opened wider, luminous from the moonlight through the window.

Though Mikhail’s ache hadn’t diminished, he decided to assuage his curiosity. “So, explain this all to me. You’ve never shared with Charles, even though he’s been seeing you for months?”

“No. I haven’t been ready. I, uh….” She paused, blushing. “I haven’t ever shared with anyone, and I, uh, am a little afraid he won’t enjoy it with me. And he’s been so kind and patient. That’s why I don’t think I’d be a very competent psychologist, you see. I can’t even tell him I’m a…a virgin,” she mumbled.

Now he’d heard everything. According to statistics, most people lost their virginity between the ages of thirteen and fifteen, and she’d said not ten minutes ago she was twenty. He got up and joined her on the bed.

“You’re twenty?”

“Almost twenty-one,” she replied.

“That’s pretty advanced virginity, all right. Do you really want to be cured?”

“You make it sound like a clinical condition.” She pouted prettily. The throbbing in Mikhail’s pants increased.

“Well, it is, kind of. If you don’t want to be a virgin anymore, I know Charles would love to relieve your condition. And he’d only be the first in line to offer.” And if Charles is foolish enough to decline, I would happily take his place.

“But he’s so experienced. And almost ten years older.” She licked her lips, and Mikhail had to shake himself mentally. “I just know he’d laugh at me if I told him.” Her eyes lit with sudden eagerness. “Would you tell him for me?”

Mikhail’s jaw dropped. “No. That’s up to you. But if you want my advice….”

Sonata bobbed her head several times.

“Tell him before you agree to share with him. He’ll be gentler with you and teach you what you ought to know.”

The turn of this conversation was so odd Mikhail suppressed a laugh. After this, he’d be the last man to claim any understanding of women. It made no sense this sweet little virgin would be so interested in a jaded cynic like Charles.

“I guess you’re right.” She beamed and giggled. “You’re pretty nice, you know. For a man I mean. Most of them would have tried to…well, you know. That’s why I haven’t taken any drugs before. I need to be cleverer than they are.”

“I’ll bet you do. But, though you may think I’ve forgotten the fact, I am a man, and I believe there may be a woman waiting for me downstairs. So, unless you’ve decided to get cured right here and now, I’m going to go. Why don’t you just lie down like a good girl and let the Cerepause wear off.” It was a command, not a question. He stood. “I’ll leave you alone. Will you be all right?”

Sonata nodded. “Yes, I think so.” She grabbed his sleeve before he could move away. “Um, I know this sounds silly. After all, you hardly know me, but I have a strong urge to be, um….”

Mikhail held his breath as he waited for the fateful words.

“Tucked in.”

His breath left him in a silent whoosh. Tucked in. Of course.

“Would you, please? Please?” She sat on her haunches on the bed, breasts bobbing as she begged.

Sol save me from intox’ed virgins. The throbbing in his groin became too urgent to ignore. Just another few minutes. Julie or Susie or Debbie, or whatever your name is, you’d better be waiting. “Sure. Uh, get under the sheet.”

“Wait. Let me get out of these clothes first.” She wriggled. “I can’t sleep with clothes on, can you? It just makes me squirm and toss and fidget all night.” Sonata struggled out of her elasticized top, and her remarkable breasts sprang free. The cool air caused their violet-pink tips to harden, and Mikhail coughed to cover his groan of pain. Next, she wiggled out of her golden shorties, and the sight of the groomed thatch of soft red curls beneath her marks of the moon almost overwhelmed him. He coughed again.

“You ought to see Charles for that cough.” She rubbed his back with one hand, leaning forward, a breast brushing against his upper arm.

“Did Charles put you up to this?” Mikhail asked, his voice sharp with exasperation.

“Up to what? Are you mad at me? Did I say something wrong?” She bit her lower lip, close to drug-induced tears.

He shook his head, accepting her naiveté. “No. Well, get under the sheet, damn it.” Mikhail tucked the thin sensorsheet around her curved form. This is my karmic punishment for something. Pushing soft locks back from her smooth forehead, he kissed her there and moved away.

“Good night, Sonata.”

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