Queenie Journey and Will Mazie, from Spanking Her Highness, and Journey’s End

Copyright ©2012-2015 Patricia Green


Full name: Queenie Ellen Veronica Journey
  • Age: 32
  • Height: 5’4″
  • Weight: 120
  • Hair color: Dyed golden blonde.
  • Eye color: Light brown.
  • Education: Rice University, Shepherd School of Music, Houston, TX: BA Music, emphasis violin.
  • Occupation: Musician (violin/fiddle) and part time business manager.
  • Geography: Travels quite a bit with her band, but makes her home base Journey’s End Ranch.
  • Economics: Makes some money as a musician in a touring band, but barely scrapes by; owns a part share in Boot Camp Enterprises, LLC.
  • Family members: Father: Leo Journey; Mother: Cassie Journey (deceased); siblings Ace (+6 years), Deuce (+3 yrs), Trey (-2 yrs), Jackie (-11 yrs); and 2 Jack Russell terriers (Lucy and Ethel).
  • Family History: Queenie comes from a family of 5 siblings. She’s number 3, the oldest girl. Her father owns an inherited ranch in rural Sutton County, Texas–3rd generation, 249,380 acres. Queenie grew up on the ranch.
  • Strengths: Queenie is an excellent fiddler, and a strong and resilient person.
  • Quirks, idiosyncracies and foibles: She has a terrible temper and is prone to losing control over it. She also curses a lot, bites her nails, and is a little fidgety when not playing her instrument.
  • Likes and dislikes: Queenie likes grits, country music and irish fiddle, kids, animals (especially dogs), horseback riding and arguing. She dislikes arrogance, dishonesty, and greed.
  • Goal in this story: She wants to get back on the road with her band, solve her father’s easement problem, get the next Boot Camp corporate bonding program underway, and get over her nasty divorce.



Full name: William “Will” Aloysius Mazie, Jr.
  • Age: 38
  • Height: 6’0″
  • Weight: 175
  • Hair color: Dark auburn.
  • Eye color: Cobalt blue. Piercing.
  • Education: USC Film School: BFA Screenwriting.
  • Occupation: Screenwriter turned rancher.
  • Geography: Will comes from Los Angeles (specifically, Hollywood) but now lives next door to Journey’s End ranch.
  • Economics: Will grew up struggling. His first job was as a studio laborer for 5 years and that was how he earned enough money to pay for college. Through hard work, he made scads of money by writing for a popular TV drama, “Tim Crane, Private Dick” (adult cable). He’s now retired from the rat race and trying to learn ranching without screwing up too badly.
  • Family members: Father: William Sr.; Mother Leila (divorced father when Will was 8); Brother: Robert “Rob” (-2 years); Horse: Starlight.
  • Family History: Will comes from a single-parent household (his blue-collar father) and had to start working at a young age. He has some cousins who made good, but isn’t much in touch with them.
  • Strengths: He plays piano, writes very well and has a permanent novel going, and plays poker when with friends. Will is an extremely patient fellow.
  • Quirks, idiosyncracies and foibles: Will hates to hear women curse, and though he wouldn’t bandy it about, he has a lot of sexual experience.
  • Likes and dislikes: He likes spanking, sex, bourbon, country music, horses, reading, TV crime stories and old Westerns. Will dislikes actors and other Hollywood types, pinching pennies (vows to never go back to that nor inflict it on his children), and slutty women.
  • Goal in this story: Will wants to get his water easement, wants to be neighborly, wants to be a rancher, wants to leave Hollywood and its pretentiousness behind, and was a player but now wants to find a decent woman and settle down.
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