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A Mouse in His Pocket CoverAre your holiday plans making you crazy or cozy, busy or tizzy, merry or mercenary? Take a break! I have a free Christmas short story, right on the website, told in two chapters. It’s called, “A Mouse in His Pocket.” It tells the tale of Buck Stillwater and his love, Jenny. This is a kind of prequel to my books, Strong, Silent Type and Handling Stormy. Buck is the eldest brother in the Stillwater family, and he’s got a few issues that only Jenny can kiss ‘n make better. This is a very romantic story.

You’ll love Buck and Jenny’s tale, and I believe you’ll find it “Safe For Work.” It’s basically PG13-rated.

Thanks for following along. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


James Harrison, author of Little Leather Paddle here on Patricia Green Books, has done it again! This one has a little BDSM along with the spanking. Check out the rhymes; they’re perfect! Merry Christmas from my friend and colleague, James Harrison.

Spanko Claus
© copyright 2013 James Harrison

santa evil 17104770_s‘Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse;
That was ‘cause Spanko had tied them all up;
From the big ugly dad to the cute little pup!

The puppy he hung on the mantle with care;
Far from the fire, since he liked his meat rare,
And he laughed out a laugh that was really quite mean;
As he looked over mommy, once Homecoming Queen.

“Really”, he thought, “She’s still quite a looker,
I think I’ll go slip the ol’ meat in her cooker,
But first I will lay out some tools of the trade;
The ones given me by my old friend DeSade.”

With a clatter he threw down a large leather bag,
It was ratty but still showed its ‘Leather Chest’ tag;
He opened it up and then reached down inside;
And he grinned as the young Mommy’s eyeballs went wide.

He unloaded his cuffs, and his rope and his whips;
The long leather cats with the cruel knotted tips;
He pulled out some gags, and a huge leather paddle;
Dildoes, and butt plugs, to mount on a saddle!
Nipple clamps, clothespins, a set of steel shackles,
All emerged to the sound of St. Nick’s evil cackles.

He grabbed ugly daddy by his long greasy hair;
And threw him quite happily down the hall stair;
With a big eager smile, just bursting with life;
He zipped back to the bedroom, to the waiting young wife,
And kneeling alongside the bed where she lay;
He examined her body, all bound for display.

She tried not to respond to his mouth on her breast;
But Spanko was good, right up there with the best;
And despite her resistance, her anger and fear,
her breathing grew deeper, which Santa could hear.

He kept up the pressure, the kissing, the biting;
She just couldn’t help it, she found it exciting!
He put nipple clamps on her, and tied her face down;
Slipped a gag in her mouth, to muffle the soun’;
And Santa’s strong hand was brought down with a whack!
her little sweet ass was now under attack!;

He fingered her pussy, between slap and swat;
His fingers plunged deep in her hot little twat;
With the fingers inside her, and such a hot bum;
She just couldn’t help it, she started to cum;
And she came and she came, so hard and so long;
It was multi-orgasmic, incredibly strong!

Through hours of torment she never stopped cumming;
Her whole nervous system was singing, was thrumming;
Her bottom on fire, her nipples so sore;
her pussy as used as a late-working whore;
A gag in her mouth, she should have been sad,
But she started to think “Why this isn’t so bad!”

When Spanko had finished, and dined on the pup;
Had taken his things and packed them all up;
When she saw that he really was planning to go,
She said “Spanko there’s something I want you to know;

I want to go with you, my life here is sad;
That brat isn’t mine, and I’m sick of her dad;
I’d much rather serve you up at the North Pole;
I’ll give you my mind and my heart and my soul!

I’ll do what you want, without any sass;
I don’t care how often you whack on my ass,
Cuz being tormented to sate your desires;
Made me so horny, it lit all my fires!”

With her over his shoulder, to the sleigh they arose;
To Rudolph, who DID have a shiny red nose;
With a clatter of hooves they soared up in the sky;
And soon they were nigh upon one mile high;
His yell drifted down as they flew out of sight,
“Merry Spankings to all, and to all a good night!”

This material is Not Safe For Work. If you’re not over 18, please explore elsewhere.

Horny Hump Day graphic

It’s almost Christmas, so on this festive Horny Hump Day, I’m sharing a little piece of my free Christmastime short story, “A Mouse in His Pocket”. It tells the story of Buck Stillwater and his love, Jenny. You might remember Buck from The Strong, Silent Type. He’s the older brother of The Strong Silent Type’s Drake Stillwater, and Stormy Stillwater of Handling Stormy.

A Mouse in His Pocket Cover“A Mouse in His Pocket” is a “sweet” story, insofar as it has no explicit sex. That’s a bit unusual for me, but it’s just right for this tale.

In this segment, Buck is contemplating Jenny with a different kind of sensual curiosity.

He wondered if she might ever be naughty enough to require a spanking. Did she have a bratty streak?

She looked at him oddly as he grinned at the thought of her over his knees.

You can find the whole story here on my site in two chapters. Free. My holiday gift to you, this year and every year.

Please hop over to the other Horny Hump Day authors’ sites, and spread some holiday cheer with a comment or two.