6 Sentence Sunday – Jan. 22, 2012

Sonata kisses Mikhail.Welcome back to my little sample of romance, here on 6 Sentence Sunday. I hope you enjoy the experience.

Since we’re still in January, we’ll continue our progress through Daughter of the Moon, Book 1: Surface. It’s the futuristic story of Sonata and Mikhail as they sneak up on something special.

In this bit, Sonata’s enforced weekend with Mikhail comes to a close. Or will it?

“I won’t forget this weekend, Mikhail,” she whispered in his ear, pulling his head down to hers. She bit his earlobe and tickled it with her tongue. “It’s like I’ve been touched for the first time,” she breathed. “I’ll never forget.” Oh, Luna, she almost wished she could forget!

Mikhail grabbed her then, and pulled her hard against him, kissing her fiercely.

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I hope your week is magical!

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