200 Words on Journey’s End Ranch

It’s not uncommon for readers to want to know more about characters and settings in novels they’re reading. Although a writer might have all of this written down or clear in their head, not all of it fits in the book well and contributes to the development of the story on the page. I’ve had requests for more information about Journey’s End, the ranch that is so prominent in the Journey family series I’ve been writing, and although you can find a map and some information in the character sketches here on the site, I thought I’d give you 200 words on Journey’s End. Perhaps that’ll satisfy some curiosity.


Journey's End Ranch
Journey's End Ranch

[1]Journey’s End is a large fictional ranch situated east of Sonora, Texas, west of San Antonio, south of Austin, and bordered on the south by the Fort Territt River. It was founded in 1853 by Abel Journey, and has been handed down through the generations. It’s about 249,000 square acres, which is a sizable piece of property. There is a much larger ranch in Texas already, the Waggoner Ranch, and I patterned a few of the features of Journey’s End on that. The Journeys have rangeland and some alfalfa and hay fields. They raise cattle and quarter horses. Its current owner is Leo Journey, the father of the five Journey siblings. Ace Journey, the oldest of the siblings, is slated to take over the property when Leo retires or passes away. Ace currently oversees the ranch for the most part. Journey’s End is also the location for Boot Camp, Inc., the corporate bonding retreat business owned by Ace, Queenie and Trey Journey. The business utilizes the old Journey ranch house and some newer, small bungalows which are rooms for the corporate clients. The ranch is run profitably and the Journeys are considered prosperous but hard-working people, well-loved by the community.[200]

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