Who’s Your Valentine?

Shiny Red Valentine's Day HeartThere are some great, classic lovers in the creative arts. Bogey & Bacall, Scarlett & Rhett, Elizabeth and Robert Browning, come to mind, but there are many others. I like to think that, while they are not classic in the sense of known to millions, many of my heroes and heroines have a timeless attraction that we can all relate to, if only in our dreams.

Here’s are snuggle-up and kiss your sweetie kind of moments from a few of my books. I hope you enjoy these tidbits and will consider looking for my books at your favorite ebook seller.

Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksFrom Liv’s Journey, Liv and Trey.

“Let’s take it slowly. Come have dinner with me and my family. Try a little of everythin’. Not a lot, a little. Enjoy each bite. You are lovely as you are; I think you’re beautiful and so will my folks. We won’t think you’re a pig…unless you lick your plate. Now, that would be over the top.”

She giggled against his chest. “I’ll try not to lick.”

His lips traveled over her temple and down to her ear. “I’ll give you somethin’ to lick, darlin’.”

Her cheeks went hot and she laughed. He was so easy to love.

Cover: Bourbon & Branch WaterFrom Bourbon & Branch Water, Stormy and Jeff.

Fact was, she didn’t plan on sleep. She hoped for erotic hours with Jeff. This was her fling and she wanted to make it count. Tanya’s advice to keep her heart out of it was good advice, so she’d enjoy these moments and not expect more.

Jeff gave her one more smack on her stinging butt and pressed her forward until she crawled into the middle of the bed. He joined her there and snuggled her into his side and sighed. “This is good, hm?”

She nodded.

He chuckled. “You may not say much, but your body tells the tale.”

Stormy snuggled closer, her hand on his chest feeling the beat of his heart. Yes, every moment was something to be savored.

Cover: Kiki's MillionaireFrom Kiki’s Millionaire, Kiki and Jim.

Her hands moved over his chest, his cheeks, finally entwining in his long hair. She pulled out the leather tie there and ruffled his dark hair around his shoulders.

“Jim,” she whispered. “We shouldn’t…”

Her small hands said something very different as she pulled his suit coat open and eased it off his shoulders. As she explored his t-shirted chest, he ran his hands up and down her arms and shoulders, reveling in how small she was in his hands, how dainty and sexy. There was an urgency starting in his pants, but he wouldn’t take what she wasn’t ready to give. He might want to posses her, but was she ready to be possessed?

Cover: Laricon's WaysFrom Laricon’s Ways, Michael, Alyssa and Nina.

“So good,” he mumbled against her hair.

After a few moments, he withdrew and rolled to lie between Alyssa and Nina. Nina’s eyes were wide, a twinkle of naughty pleasure there. “That looked pretty nice,” she said.

Alyssa smiled and squirmed against the sheets in agreement.

“It was pretty nice, brat,” Michael agreed.

“When do you think I’ll be healed enough to…”

He looked at her with a grin. “You’ll have to be the judge of that.”

“You know, Michael … sir… Your secret is your great big–”

“Language!” he teased, reaching over to tickle her waist.

“Stop, stop! I was going to say brain, of course. Your great big brain!”

Alyssa giggled.

There are many more; I have a lot of books for you to peruse. Take a look around the site and see if one strikes a special chord for you.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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  • I love your couples! I always feel such a great connection with them , I have to stop and remind myself not to resent my husband. Poor guy is a little on the vanilla side 🙂
    Maybe I should get HIM to read some of your stories.
    Thanks! 🙂

    • Thank you, Katherine. My husband reads all my stories, and the work of a lot of other spanking authors. He even helps me with editing my work. I strongly encourage readers to share with a significant other. If that person cares for you, they won’t laugh or ignore you. Good luck!

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