#HornyHDay – Liv and Trey Get Down

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July holds so many things for us. Tomorrow’s America’s 237th birthday, and July 21 is my birthday (I will be giving something away from here on the blog). In between, there are all kinds of summer festivals, barbecues, and, let’s not forget, Bastille Day. For me, add in Calgary Stampede, a glacier expedition (really!), and a visit from one of my daughters, and the month is complete.

Cover: Liv's Journey Blushing BooksFor this Horny Hump Day, I’m going to focus on family, and specifically the Journey family. There are seven books in the Journey series, and I’m sure there’s one for every kind of spanking erotica reader. This segment is from Liv’s Journey, the first book in the Journey family series. Here, Trey and Liv and making love, hard and hot, for the first time.

He concentrated on moving in and out of her slowly at first, giving her a good long time to get used to him before he picked up the pace. Soon he was slamming against her, balls bouncing off her swollen pussy as she moaned her encouragement.

When she was panting and crying out with every stroke, he pressed his thumb on her puckered little asshole to see how she’d react.

I hope your July is warm, but not too hot (cut it out, Arizona!), and that your picnics have no ants.

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