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It’s Horny Hump Day – do you know where your hot stuff is? Here! It’s here and at the other Horny Hump Day authors’ blogs.

Life is a Journey…especially for the Journey family. Today, I’d like to visit with book 5 of the series, Jackie Draws a Straight. This is the story of youngest Journey sibling, Jackie Journey, who finds her match with her doctor-employer, Pete Kaminsky. Ace and Gabby play a prominent role in this book, and they tend to be a little oversexed (that’s saying the least), but in a loving way. This scene is from one of their parts of the book. Gabby likes a little taste of Ace now and then. Here’s the end of such an encounter involving cleavage sex. It’s 4 sentences…I don’t think you’ll mind.

Cover: Jackie Draws a Straight

He groaned as the last of his ejaculate left his body. “Yeah, honey, yours.” Relaxation crept through him and he smiled with satisfaction. There was a small bead of semen near her eye and he thumbed it away, trailing his fingers along her cheek as she gathered his come up with her fingertips and sucked on her fingers.

Cover: Ace-High FlushAce and Gabby…(sigh). I’m glad to share some of them in so many of the Journey books. They have a wonderful relationship. It’s told in the second Journey book, Ace-High Flush.

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4 Replies to “#HornyHDay – Gabby Gets a Taste”

  • Ace and Gabby are my favorite couple of the Journeys. He’s so sexy and she’s so much fun! And this was a super hot snippet–scorching to say the least. Excellent choice, Trish!

  • I just started Jackie’s story!
    I love Pete!!! He is such a great guy!
    And he can definitely give a spanking!

    And mmmmmm, Gabby and Ace? Yeah, they are hot!
    Can’t wait to see what happens next!

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