Joyeux Noël and Happy Boxing Day!

Christmas pig 21492095_sTo all my French-speaking friends, I wish you a Joyeux Noël, a Merry Christmas to the Anglophiles, and a Happy Boxing Day to everyone. So many people celebrate Christmas, but I don’t want to recount the Christmas story today — y’all have heard that about a zillion times. What I’d like to talk about is Boxing Day, a secular holiday which takes place on December 26.

Most Americans don’t celebrate Boxing Day, the day after Christmas. Here in Canada, it’s a second day off for most people, and that holds true in most of the English Commonwealth as well. Originally, Boxing Day was the day workers got a box holding a gift from their employers. boxing day 10914490_sThese days, it is both a charity gifting day and a special shopping day (a little like Black Friday). In the UK (and some other parts of the Commonwealth), it’s a sports day for professional leagues.

But in the US, it’s just another day, and a lot of people have to go back to work rather than have a second day of festivities. This year, it’s on a Thursday, so not even a weekend will allow US workers to enjoy it along with their international friends. Maybe some employers will have pity and give folks a little more time with their families.

I wish you a pleasant holiday. If you don’t celebrate Christmas, at least you can enjoy Boxing Day with others who do. Next up, New Years!


4 Replies to “Joyeux Noël and Happy Boxing Day!”

    • I didn’t know either until I starting researching it. Being still part of the English Commonwealth, Canada has some fun holidays that the US doesn’t have. Of course, we also celebrate Thanksgiving in October, which to me as an ex-pat of the US, just seems strange. Happy holidays, Cara!

  • I saw a Mash episode where everyone changed positions for Boxing Day.
    That sounds like fun!
    But I would not make a very good HOH. (And I am not too sure hubby would let me spank him, LOL).

    Happy holidays, Trish!

    • On Saturnalia (December 17 and 25 in the Roman calendar), there was some give and take of roles, but nothing involving actually swapping places. Like you, Katherine, I’d make a lousy HoH, so it’s just as well we’re not ancient Romans. 🙂 Enjoy your time with your family, Katherine.

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