Boxing Day Goody

ebooks and books +thistle+sm 18162525_mHappy Boxing Day, everyone! For all my US friends, boxing day isn’t a day off of work, but it is a day to shop. I do a lot of my post-Christmas sales shopping right online. If you received an Amazon, B&N, Blushing Books or ARe gift certificate, I’d like to gently suggest that you consider picking up my latest book, The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo. It’s not the same old thing, though it has lots of hot love and spankings.

Also, for today only (December 26), Blushing Books is having a 20% off sale for newsletter subscribers and previous customers. That’s right, you save 20% on your purchases until midnight tonight with a coupon code. (You only get the code if you’re a subscriber or previous customer — it should have come in your email today, so look for it.) If you want The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo or any other Blushing title, head on over there today. The sale is only at their storefront, not on Amazon or other retailers.

Here’s a little summary of Thistle that’s not the cover blurb.

The heroine of the novel, Astraea (sometimes called Thistle by her beau, Cal), seems unlikely because she has a rather sordid past. Her parents have pushed her into a rebellious place, where she thinks she’s not worth anyone’s love. She’s not depressed or maudlin about it, but has built up a grudging acceptance to what she thinks is her lot in life. Astraea is special, however, and it takes just the right man to show her.

Cal is a guy who hasn’t fared too well in the love market. Oh, he’s intelligent, affectionate, and good looking, but he’s made some bad choices in the past because he thinks he’s got to live up to his conservative image. But he’s done with all of that the moment he sees Astraea. With her blue-streaked hair and beautiful face, he’s instantly fascinated. It surprises him because he’s never thought of a Goth girl as someone he’d be interested in.

Cal and Astraea have to find their way. Her past haunts them both, but Cal tries hard not to feel like he’s one of a multitude. Astraea tries to be be patient while Cal claws his way out of his sturdy little safe box. Although they are opposites, they have things in common that push all those differences aside and bring them together.

In the meantime, there are spankings and wild monkey sex. You should read their shower scene! Oh my.

But I won’t tell you more.

If you need further convincing, you can read the blurb here, and an excerpt here. The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo is sold in a variety of outlets. Here are some links.

You can purchase at: Blushing Books, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks.

I hope you enjoy the book. Feel free to contact me or comment on this thread if you want me to know what you think.

Thanks, and Happy Boxing Day!


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  • Reading The Girl With the Thistle Tattoo sounds like a fantastic way to celebrate Boxing Day, Trish! A wonderful read with an exciting edge to it. Just the way to end the old year–with a big bang! 🙂

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