International Moment of Laughter Day – Ready to Giggle?

Hi, everyone. As part of my regular Monday holidays feature, I’m introducing you to International Moment of Laughter Day, April 14 each year. It’s a day when you give your pals a belly laugh. A smile isn’t quite good enough. It has to be somewhere between a giggle and a guffaw.

I am notoriously bad at telling jokes verbally. Pratt falls in my stories are perhaps my best funny moments. But I’ll give a good joke a go here. Try to laugh, please.

This is from Old Jews Telling Jokes. It’s a little risque, but not visually. It is really an old Jew telling a joke. 🙂

Here are two of my funny books.

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Thanks for joining me here today for International Moment of Laughter Day. You guys always make me smile.

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