B is for Bad Boys – Alphabet Challenge

man - bad boy 11739406_sB: Bad Boys (and Why We Love Them)

I like fallen angels, BDSM dominants (who aren’t secret wimps), demons, and men who say “f**k tradition.” I like bad boys. One that really sticks with me is the character Scar from Penny Alley’s Incubus Moon. He was the ultimate bad boy, changed by love, but not diminished by it. He still doesn’t give a damn what people think about him, but he’d do anything for the woman he loves. He can’t even admit his feelings to himself (or, especially not to her), but he has them and it shows. She knows it, feels it, accepts it.

Bad boys make us a little uncomfortable. I’ve written a few, and you’ll meet two of them at the end of this month in my upcoming releases, Master of Two and The Beginning of a BDSM Life. You can also get a taste of bad boy in a pair of free short stories here on my site: “Little Leather Paddle” by James Harrison, and “Buy Mor Chickn,” by me. Bad boys tend to crop up more in BDSM stories than others, but they’re not unheard of elsewhere. (James is a real person, by the way, not a pseudonym for me.)

One of the appeals of bad boys is the fact that they’re hard to get. They really don’t care if you like them. They have their own agendas and act upon them. Until… until they meet the right woman. Then they’re determined to make her theirs, by hook or by crook. Something changes inside them, but not so much that they’re no longer bad boys—they have to keep that attitude going—but enough that the reader senses their devotion to the woman they never expected to find. Every female reader wants to imagine that they’re the woman who softens the bad boy’s heart like the heroine does.

Everyone loves a bad boy, at least in their fantasies.

How do you feel about bad boys in fiction? Do you have a favorite one?

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