T is for Tight Abs – Alphabet Challenge

man ripped abs 24285574_sT: Tight Abs

Ripped muscles in men appeal to women. There’s no getting around that. I, personally, like thick biceps and a well-muscled back over washboard abs, but maybe I’m a little strange. Or maybe I just know human biology well enough to realize that a man with washboard abs has very little body fat, often as little as 3%. Imagine how those guys must struggle to maintain that. When we expect women to do the same thing, we (as women) often point a finger and complain that it’s not a realistic expectation.

Anyway, I write the abs in. It might only write them in once, during a sexy interlude, but I write them. Knowing your audience is important in any of the arts. One of these days, however, I might try a short story where the guy had an honest belly. Not a big beer belly, but something softer than a muscular ladder. I wonder how that would be received.

Are ripped abs important to you when pondering a hero?

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6 Replies to “T is for Tight Abs – Alphabet Challenge”

  • Are ripped abs important to you when pondering a hero? LOL, the only ones I have every seen are pictures, not anyone in real life! But then reading many stories are not real life either, they are fantasies. We read and imagine and invent someone through the words on the pages.

  • Mmm, I love a strong, firm male body.
    Tight abs, and little body fat are good for me. Unrealistic I know. But books are my escape.
    I actually prefer the rancher types. The ones who are naturally strong from lifting hay bales, and riding horses, and being outdoors all day.
    That’s my kind of preferred body

  • Tight abs are easy to visualize. I personally like biceps and hands. Long strong nimble fingers and describing what they can do, reach and hold. And a muscled back. Whew! Where’s the hubby.

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