W is for Water – Alphabet Challenge

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imagehitevo / 123RF Stock PhotoW: Water

Pool scenes, shower scenes, hot tub scenes, beach scenes… What is it about water that’s so sexy? Is it because it’s slippery? Wet? Carries certain scents? Is a pretty color? Is warm on a cold day and cool on a hot day?

Whatever it is, it appeals to a lot of readers, me included. I love a good shower scene, and have written them into a number of my books. I also like hot tub scenes—maybe because I’ve had a few memorable hot tub experiences of my own. Beach scenes I’m not so keen on because of all that sand, though I am crazy in love with the smell of the Pacific ocean. It always reminds me of home.

Water is the basis of life on Earth. Without it, we could not exist. We were born of water and continue to revere water as a font of plenty. I suppose it’s only natural that we’d also enjoy the sensual cocoon it offers.

Do you enjoy sexy water scenes?

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6 Replies to “W is for Water – Alphabet Challenge”

  • Love them. Having an underwater series, I’m always looking for ways to have them playing in the waterfalls in their bedrooms.

  • I like water scenes in stories. I have read some very sexy shower scenes. Also, in some stories where a couple is out at night near a water source and what starts out as a little fun in the water turns sexy. I have some fond memories of swimming pools and hot tubs myself! You made me smile and remember! Thanks! 😀

  • I like water scenes in some stories especially fun play. I used to play with my husband in the pool. There was slipping and sliding over each other that was very arousing. I guess it depends on the story plot. Reading about moonlight swims at midnight sans bathing suit is very sexy. The shower scene that stays with me is from the movie psycho with Anthony Perkins. I love the sight and smell of the ocean. It can be hypnotic.

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