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Rescued-by-the-Spy750-PGAt $2.99, Rescued by the Spy is a great bargain. It’s more than 64,000 words long, with action, adventure, spy twists and turns, and lots of erotic content. You’ll see it on Read Cheaply today, as a matter of fact. Follow the link and see Rescued by the Spy and other good bargain books. This is a totally legitimate pass-through site for free and low-cost novels and novellas.

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Here’s an excerpt to tantalize you.

“Who are you?” Laricon said softly, looking at his nails and not at the beautiful, naked girl in front of him.

“Nina Stanley…sir.”

Michael felt the bottom drop out of his stomach as he peered through the glare and smoke at the blonde. No wonder she was so familiar! He knew this woman, and although her hair was different, and she was a few kilos heavier, he had fantasized about her for the past six years. The day got a lot darker as he wracked his brain about what to do.

Laricon smiled, still studying his nails. “Nina Stanley, the quick learner,” he said. “I’m Jerold Laricon, The Great Man here in the Ligeian settlement on the moon Titan.” He stepped back half a pace. “Teeth, Ed.”

Ed Walker checked Nina’s mouth, more to test her cooperativeness than anything else. She’d already passed the medical scan or she wouldn’t be here.

Laricon stood up and reached for Nina’s taut nipples, taking them between thumb and forefinger. She trembled and growled deep in her throat, showing her unwillingness, but didn’t struggle. Laricon raised an eyebrow as he began to apply pressure to the sensitive buds.

Nearby, Michael gritted his teeth and tried to appear casual, though he could see the girl’s pain level begin to rise. He always hated these demonstrations, but Laricon delighted in them.