Guest: Meet Cassie and the Fire Captain by Katherine Deane

cassie and the fire captain KD coverPlease help me welcome my dear friend and guest, Katherine Deane. She has a new release out, Cassie and the Fire Captain. This spanking romance is on fire — and I mean that in a good way.

Katherine has a few things to say before we introduce her book. Take it away, Katherine…

Thanks so much for having me today, Trish. I had a lot of fun writing this story. I mean, come on. Hunky firemen, yummy bare bottom spankings, hot sex, did I mention hot firemen yet? Oh, yeah, and a fireman calendar for a good cause. Like I said, it was a lot of fun to write. But I wasn’t able to just write the story. There was a lot of research involved also.

For the fire fighting scenes, I had to call in a real life fire fighter to beta some of my work. It was very important to me that the scene be correct. So it became a long email conversation of “back and forths “ with Mark S.R Sterling and “Bear”, the fire fighter.

What’s the equipment called? (It’s all called “Bunker”.)

Truck or engine? (It’s called an engine.)

Captain or Chief? (Actually, the Chain of command goes: Chief, Assistant Chief, Captain, for the top three.)

Can I say “move those trucks”? (Restage the apparatus is appropriate.)

More interesting info about “fire talk”:

Did you know that the Chief has clip on name tags of his fire fighters who enter a structure? This is how he keeps track of everyone, and makes sure no one is left behind.

The teams who enter a fire are called “Attack Teams”. One goes in while the other remains on standby, until the chief sends them in.

There is no changing of channels for the fire fighters’ radios. I made this mistake I my first draft of my fire scene, thinking it would be kind of military like. Actually, as soon as the fire fighters enter a structure, the radios are turned to “attack channel”. I guess that makes it easy not having to worry about channel switching.

I am glad the guys were so nice about sharing their fire fighter information with me. It helped a lot to know the proper terminology and movements.

But I’ll be honest. My favorite part of the researching process, was google searching “Fireman calendars.”

So many great pictures out there. And for great causes too. This made me very happy. I love great causes. And I love hunky firemen.

So bring on the research. And the firemen pics!

Thanks, Katherine! You really did your research. The book shows all your hard work, without beating us over the head with it. Good job.

Here’s the story summary:

When twenty-four-year-old Cassie Stevens meets Eric Waters, her town’s hunky new fire captain, she assumes he is way out of her league. Cassie isn’t a beauty queen like her mother, and a mature, no-nonsense man like Eric would never be attracted to a fun-loving tomboy like her, especially considering her penchant for getting herself in trouble. So it comes as a shock when he stops by the diner where she works, steers her out of an altercation with some rude customers, and promptly asks her out on a date.

It doesn’t take Cassie long to realize that she has finally met the man of her dreams, and Eric seems to enjoy her sense of humor and playful ways. But after she pulls a foolish prank on him during their first date, he takes her over his knee for a spanking, and she quickly discovers how much a man’s firm hand can sting when applied to a naughty girl’s bare bottom.

Eric’s attention and affection make Cassie feel more loved than she has ever felt before, and despite her sore bottom, his discipline leaves her aroused and yearning to be his. But just as she’s about to give him her heart, it seems he’s no longer interested. Can Cassie put aside her fears and trust Eric, or will her doubts set off a chain of events which will tear their relationship apart?

Publisher’s Note: Cassie and the Fire Captain is an erotic romance novel that includes spankings, sexual scenes, and more. If such material offends you, please don’t buy this book.

And, I know you want an excerpt. Here ’tis.

“You want us to show off the goods at a family event?” He grinned, teasing her.

“No, it would be an adult event, at the end of the fair. And you guys wouldn’t be naked or anything. Just showing off your muscles a little, posing, ya know?” She glanced up hopefully.

“Where’s the calendar come in?”

“My other friend, Terri is a photographer. She could do the shoot, and then make the pictures into a calendar. We’d sell the calendars as soon as they get printed. And all the proceeds would go to something really cool.”

He loved the way her cheeks flushed and her bright blue eyes lit up when she got excited.  “It sounds great. So where are the proceeds going?”

“To rebuild the old theater, and make it into an outdoor theater and recreation place. Pool tables, games, music. The kind of place young people could hang out, without feeling compelled to pull pranks and get in trouble.” She looked up at him tentatively, as if gauging his reaction.

He flipped her over his lap and started swatting her bottom.

“What?! What?” she laughed as he lay his hand on her warm bottom.

“I think,” he stroked her pink globes, “that someone should have done this to you a long time ago.” He pulled her back up and on top of him, kissing her lips firmly.  “It’s a brilliant idea on so many levels. You really do have a great creative mind. Thank you.”

She beamed and pressed into him. “Would you like to thank me again?”

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And now, a little about Katherine Deane.

kate dean iconKatherine Deane is a romantic at heart. While she enjoys her life as a stay at home mom, married to the man of her dreams, she also loves fantasizing. She reads and writes in many different genres, but her favorites are: spanking romance, paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction. She blogs about her life as an everyday woman (and closet Spanko), and about her career as a newly published author.

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