Guest: Introducing Saving Attractions by Rebecca Airies

SavingAttractions_MSRYou might not be familiar with Rebecca Airies, but she’s the author of more than 20 romance novels. (Yes, she’s about to rival me in shear numbers.) Today, she’s sharing tidbits from her latest, Saving Attractions. Rather than go on and on about her and this book, I’ll introduce you to the novel.

Story Summary

After a crew of traders are stranded on a planet, a shapeshifter commander must protect them from space pirates and solidify his relationship with his mate.

Adalyn Jameson fears she and her trade ship crewmates will die on the uninhabited planet where they’ve been stranded by pirates. Before panic sets in, Zarain shifters arrive to help them. Ada does not fight her intense attraction to one of the brawny shifters. A short, sizzling affair with this man is the perfect way to occupy her time before she goes back to normal life.

Jagger Antein thought babysitting a stranded crew until they could be evacuated from the planet would be an easy assignment. He never expected to find his mate among those he rescued. Now that he has, he’ll seduce her and keep her close before he claims her. When members of the crew are attacked again, he’ll have to discover who’s behind it and what they’re after if he hopes to keep his mate safe.

And this is an excerpt:

Jagger ordered most of the men to begin raising some temporary shelters and told them to focus on getting the medical tent set up first. There was a large enough clearing next to the river where they could set up camp. They’d be safe until the Sentinel or the Vigilant arrived.

As he walked toward where they’d found the heat signatures, his eyes swept the cluster of trees and finally, he spotted them. A few of the men had stepped out of the shelter of the tree line. Maybe they noticed the gray uniforms, or perhaps they’d seen a difference in the shuttles. Jagger didn’t know, but he was happy he didn’t have to pursue them into the trees. Confronting them wouldn’t induce a relaxed, calm attitude.

A light breeze carried the people’s scents to him. He could smell blood and the pain of the men and women watching them from across the glade. The sharp scent raised all his protective instincts. Something else nudged his instincts, but with all of the mixed scents and distance, he couldn’t quite decipher it.

He carried the physician’s extra bag and walked with him across the clearing. From what he could see, there were nearly twenty people. The men kept the women to the back of the group, and the ratio of male to female looked about normal for a trade ship. Males outnumbered females, especially on the smaller trade ships. Only six women warily watched Jagger and Kairn approach.

“We’re from the Zarain ship, the Vigilant, although we were on one of our scout ships when we received the alarm of the incursion. We’re here to help.” Jagger smiled and stopped a small distance away from the group. He wanted to let them think and adjust without pressuring them.

An older, red-haired man nodded and took a deep breath. “We’re from the trade ship, Setona. The pirates attacked and took control of it.”

“Are all of you hurt?” The physician asked.

“Yes, we all need care.” The man’s answer was slow and measured.

“We’re setting up a medical tent and some shelters. The scout ship has gone after the pirates. We’ll be here until the Vigilant arrives.” Jagger stayed where he was, although he felt a strong urge to walk over to the group. He wasn’t sure if it was because of the urge to protect them or from that other feeling growing in him. He still couldn’t identify it. “We spotted the shuttle as we were searching for you. Are there any captives on that ship?”

“No, just the two pirates. They were trying to make it back up to their ship before it left. I’m Captain Joshua Thomas.” The man stepped forward and held out his hand.

“I’m Jagger Antein.” Jagger shook his hand. He deliberately left off his rank. His title would mean nothing to them. “Let’s go over to the tents. They should have the medical tent finished or almost so by now.”

“Is there anyone who needs help walking or who needs immediate aid?” the physician asked before anyone could move.

“We can all walk,” Captain Thomas said simply. “We were beaten, but they tried other methods first.”

“Other methods. Were they after something or was it simply because they were sick bastards?” Jagger frowned. The use of other methods was different and he wanted to know if the pirates had a reason for it.

“They are bastards, but they wanted something. Not that we could decipher what that was. They took everything we had, yet still asked for something else.” Captain Thomas shook his head.

Jagger stepped back to allow the people to walk toward the green tents. The men and women began limping over to the rising shelters. He stood to the side, watching as they made their way across the clearing. Grimaces tightened their lips with each slow step. He could tell they were in pain just by looking at them.

As they passed, the light wind blew their scents to him. The bite of pain was obvious in all of them. As the women began to pass him, he straightened. All the other scents faded away as one particular feminine essence exploded through him. His muscles tensed and he had to fight to keep his claws and fangs from bursting free.

He wanted to wade into those women and find out exactly which one of them was his mate. The scent of lingering fear held him back. They’d been terrorized. He didn’t want to scare his mate more by blundering in amid her and her crewmates. They’d all have to be examined and treated. He could discover which of the women was his without unnecessarily frightening her.

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Rebecca Airies writes fantasy, paranormal and sci-fi romance. She’s been a dreamer all of her life. She loves getting lost in the lives of her characters and learning about them. In her free time, you might find her reading, writing (Yes, she write in her free time, too—bad poetry, flash fiction and you never know when the muse will strike), gardening, listening to music and spending time with family and friends.  A native Texan, she was raised in small town, but now lives in Abilene. Rebecca would love to hear from you, so visit her website and drop her a note. You can find her books at Ellora’s Cave:

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