Weekend Writing Warriors – Peg Pleads for Her Life

disciplinedownunder_fullWelcome to Weekend Writing Warriors on Patricia Green Books! (Follow the link to more neat excerpts.) I’m fresh out of teaching a writing class, so I’m fired up about the business and the enormous potential we all have for entertaining readers and being successful. I also signed my 31st book contract last week, which makes me mondo happy.

There are only 5 days left to get Discipline Down Under for only $2.99. This is a top-grade, fun, and sparky spanking romance that deals with a spoiled heiress and her down-to-earth Australian bush guide.

Last week’s “episode” showed Peg on her back after falling from a tree. A mysterious stranger offers her a hand up, but then reaches for a knife. Here’s my Weekend Writing Warriors entry for this week.

“Oh, God. Don’t kill me.”

“Hush, sheila.”

Peg was aware that ‘sheila’ was a common term for woman here, so she didn’t think he’d gotten her name wrong. How could he know her name, after all? They hadn’t set eyes on each other before. And that reminded her that she still hadn’t set eyes on him. She had no idea how to describe her attacker, if he let her live.

Is he a good guy or a bad guy? (Hint: it would be a premature end to the story if he was a bad guy.)

Here are a blurb and excerpt. Remember, only 5 days left for the sale price.

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Thank you for joining me here today!

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