Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings – March 9, 2013 – The Ruler Leads to Something Sexy

Saturday Spankings

Today’s entry is NOT SAFE FOR WORK.

You say you want spankings? Well, my friend, you’ve got ’em today, ’cause it’s Saturday Spankings day. Be sure to visit all the spanking authors to get your Saturday treat. (Link to the hop below.)

I promised on Horny Hump Day (Wednesday’s regular hop), that I’d share something erotic here today. I won’t let you down. Here’s another sample of Bourbon & Branch Water.

Cover: Bourbon & Branch WaterStormy misbehaved and got her punishment. She knows she deserved it and accepted it with something like good grace. Still, she’s bent over Jeff’s desk in the middle of a work day with her panties…somewhere.

Another ten strokes of the ruler and finally it stopped. Jeff put the ruler down on the desk and his cool hand soothed her aching behind. After a moment of rubbing, his fingers delved between her legs, gently searching, coaxing.

“Your red ass turns me on,” he said, leaning forward to speak softly in her ear.

Stormy shivered, and not with pain. He knew exactly what to say to turn on her libido, even under this kind of circumstance. Jeff was amazing. He unbent and increased the exploration of her pussy, rubbing her clit slightly and then pulling back over her lips.

“You’re getting wet, baby. You like your hot ass, too?”

Okay, this is ten sentences. I’m usually so lawful, too! Maybe I get a pass this time?

Thanks for joining me here for Saturday Spankings. I hope it heated your buns!

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Saturday Spankings – March 2, 2013 – Trey Is “So Mean”

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Are you ready for another Saturday Spanking(s)? I’m ready to give it to you, so hold on to your seat.

Cover: Journey's EndI’d like to share another 8 sentences from Journey’s End this week. It’s my latest release from Blushing Books. I’m trying not to give away all the parts you’ll want to savor in private, but here’s a little preamble to a walloping. This is from Liv and Trey’s segment of the book.

Liv sighed and started toward him. “You are so mean to me,” she whispered.

“I’m firm with you. You know you deserve this.” He took her arm and led her to the mound of pillows. “Ass up, Liv.”

Her breath hitched as she bent over the little hill of down and Trey knew she was already on the verge of tears. Her “yes, sir” was muffled with the thick cinnamon-colored comforter.

Commence spanking, Trey!

Journey’s End can be found at, Amazon UK and Blushing Books.

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Saturday Spankings – February 23, 2013 – Can Liv get away with it?

Saturday Spankings

Saturday Spankings continue, so cover your fanny quick! Be sure to visit all the stops on this hop to get your seat warmed properly.

Cover: Journey's EndI’m expecting a new release this coming week: Journey’s End. If you weren’t here on Wednesday for Horny Hump Day (where were you?), you might not know much about this end of the Journey series. It won’t conclude all the Journey adventures; I’m sure I’ll have more for you down the line. But this is the final pre-planned one. Here’s a spanky bit to tickle your naughty bone.

This is from Trey and Liv’s chapter in the book (each couple has their own appearance). Liv is trying to connive her way out of a spanking she deserves.

“You’ll stay here, yes ma’am, and you’ll be sorrier before I’m done reddenin’ your ass.”

She twisted the front tail of her shirt into a knot nervously. “Pretty please? I’ll do anything you want, Trey. I know what you like.”

The whole idea that she’d trade sex to get out of a spanking made him furious, and his jaw tightened. “That’ll be ten more swats. And five more for every second you delay.”

I hope you’re wondering if she manages to distract him from that promised spanking. Tune in to the new release, Journey’s End, early next week.

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