Spanking Her Highness Released Today

Cover: Spanking Her HighnessThe Journey Family series continues, with book 3: Spanking Her Highness. This is Queenie’s story with a little Ace and Gabby to round out the spanking goodness. Check out the incredibly flattering promo by my great publisher–Spanking–at their announcement blog site,

Thank you to Blushing Books and my great beta readers. I’m thrilled to have this book released!

4 Replies to “Spanking Her Highness Released Today”

  • Congratulations on your new release, Patricia! Terrific book in a great series. Your cover art goes well with the story–Queenie certainly looks the part as does Will. Can’t wait for the next one. 🙂

    • Thanks, Jenna! I’m really excited about this one. There’s a dedication to you, Kathryn and Ken in the final copy which will go out at Blushing Books in a few months.

      Glad you like the cover. The couple was a natural, and made it pretty easy to put together.

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