Goldie & the Three Doms Free Today through Thursday

Cover: Goldie and the Three DomsRead Goldie & the Three Doms free on your Amazon Kindle or Kindle for PC software! Save yourself a couple o’ bucks on this fun, quirky little short story (about 6,700 words or 25 pages). Adapted from the fairy tale, this fractured fiction gives Goldie a whole new dimension and grows her up quite a bit. Oh yes, Goldie is very grown up indeed.

Here’s your opportunity for fun: Goldie on Amazon.


Meet Goldie. She’s a determined young woman, tired of men for whom pedicures are foreplay. She makes it her mission to find a dominant man to make her dreams come true. The search takes her to Bear Island where she encounters Doms either too soft or too harsh. Will she never find one who is just right?

Markus Masterton is waiting for just the right submissive woman. He’s got his paddle ready, but it looks like he’ll linger on Bear Island for a lot longer than he’d like.

This is not your mama’s Goldilocks.

M/F, Contemporary Farcical Romance, Light-hearted BDSM Themes, Fractured Fairy Tale.

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  • Fun sexy farce! Love this story. Liked, tagged and downloaded. I giggle every time I think about Bob “I’m a demon in the bedroom” Bentley. 🙂

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