Ace-High Flush – New 5-Star Review

Cover: Ace-High FlushHave you read Ace-High Flush yet? It’s the second in the Journey family series. Pretty soon, book 3 will be released, and, although they stand alone, you’ll miss all that great series fun if you skip one. Besides, Ace-High Flush is getting great reviews. It just got a 5-Star rave overnight!

Maeve says (among other flattering things):

For those looking for stories that have real plot and also real spankings in real relationships – that sometimes happen for true discipline – this is a good story.

I also do not like stories that are “just” spanking, and this book has a lot of hot sex too.

She gave it a big 5-Star thumbs up.

Here’s the blurb:

Gabriella Appleby is a struggling young, large-size model who can’t quite behave. She tries, but sometimes telling the truth just doesn’t seem like the right thing to do. Making foolish choices also seems to be high on her list of to-do items.

Ace Journey is interested in Gabby, and cares about her enough to want to make an indelible impression on her. No one has taught her to behave, and he figures he’s the man to do it. Although their New York/New Jersey rendezvous takes him out of his natural element, his ranch in Texas, he’s smart and capable, and more than a match for the city streets.

Gabby wants Ace, and Ace wants Gabby. Unfortunately, her errors in judgment lead them to a fork in the road where they must part. Miserable about it, they find that an unlikely matchmaker—billionaire Jonny Chow—steps in to show them just how much they mean to each other.

This book, and the series, is M/F Contemporary, Spanking, Erotic, Romance.

You can buy Ace-High Flush now at Blushing Books and Amazon. And an excerpt and character profiles are linked from its page here on Patricia Green Books.

Come over y’all and get the book that’s wowing readers!

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  • Congratulations on your latest 5 star review, Patricia! I’m sure this is going to be a common occurrence. Ace-High Flush is a fantastic book, with a great storyline, hot sex, a devastatingly wonderful hero, and a perky, fun heroine. Sounds like five star reading to me!

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