Jackie Draws a Straight – New Release!

Cover: Jackie Draws a StraightJackie Draws a Straight is now available at Blushing Books! It went live today. Read the story of Jackie Journey and Dr. Pete Kaminsky, in book 5 of the Journey family series. Although this is book 5, all the Journey books stand alone, so you won’t be lost if you start with this one.

Jackie is a bit of a spoiled brat. Although she studied nursing, her secret goal is to find the right husband and start a family. Dr. Pete Kaminsky, new to Sonora, knows from the beginning of their relationship that he wants Jackie for his wife, but has to learn to deal with Jackie’s brattiness and her need to be spanked. Learning how to spank for punishment is a new experience for Pete, but he’s willing to take on the challenge.

Having seen the loving domestic discipline between her older brother Ace, and his young wife Gabriella, Jackie knows she needs that kind of discipline and Pete is the guy she wants to do it. But when Pete finds out she’s been keeping an important secret from him, there’s only one way to resolve the problem.

Bop right over to Blushing Books today and snag yourself a copy. They have all the formats, and can do an insta-send right to your Kindle, just like Amazon can. Or if you’re an Amazonian, pop over there and pick up a copy.

Happy reading!


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  • Congratulations on the new release,Patricia! A fantastic cover to wrap around another wonderful book. I love your writing, your characters, your stories. Please keep them coming!

  • Yea! Happy to read about the release of a new Journey book…looking forward to reading about Jackie’s adventure and finding out how Pete will fare with the challenge :o)

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