#HornyHDay – Queenie Loses Her ‘Mad’

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Cover: Spanking Her HighnessWelcome back! I hope you’ve been enjoying this journey back into the Journey family universe. So far, this month, we’ve had peeks of Liv’s Journey and Ace-High Flush. This week, I’m sharing a bit of Queenie’s story, Spanking Her Highness, which is book 3 in the series. Characters from previous stories are in this book also, but it’s the story of how Queenie met her match with her new neighbor Will.

In this segment, Queenie is ticked off with Will, but at the same time, she finds him totally appealing. Even his high-handed ways turn her on. Today, he’s tossed her on a hay bale and is showing her one of his best features: affection.

Warm air whispered over her pussy as he pressed her legs apart. He knelt between her knees and bent close, face to face.

“You are the most adorable, exasperating, gorgeous spitfire I’ve ever known.”

Of course, now he has to show her exactly how much that turns him on. Poor Queenie, she’s fighting a lost cause.

Thanks for joining me here this week. I hope you’ll take a few moments to visit all the other Horny Hump Day blogs. Get a tingle from your middle outward.


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Cover: Correcting Kathy

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