#SatSpanks – Mikhail is Furious

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Saturday Spankings

If it’s Saturday (and it is), it’s time for more Saturday Spankings! Woo-hoo! I hope you’re here for your 8 sentences of red fannies.

Cover: Daughter of the Moon, Book 2This week I’d like to introduce you to book 2 of my Daughter of the Moon series. This one’s entitled, Daughter of the Moon, Book 2: Depths. It takes place after a nuclear holocaust that forces the group of friends down to an underground bunker. It’s a huge space, but still underground and they’re all kind of stuck there for 15 years or so. This takes place during the early part of the book, where Mikhail (our hero) and Sonata (our heroine) are finding their way through the maze of their burgeoning relationship.

Mikhail is telling his friend Hector about what he saw during a “comm” conversation before they went underground. Mikhail is no prude, but Sonata was quite the innocent when this episode transpired. He hates to see her innocence lost, especially to the very jaded Charles.

I could see Sonata behind him on the screen. She got up off the floor and walked away from the video comm, and when I saw her butt I thought she’d been in an accident or something. It was fiery red. I asked if she’d had a bad sunburn or the like, and Charles informed me, nonchalantly, that she’d asked him to spank her and he had.” Mikhail’s voice shook with fury. “He then pointedly told me to keep my nose out of his business. Her sweet ass was bright red, Hector. That was no slap and tickle game they’d been playing.”

I hope you’ve enjoyed my Saturday Spankings offering this week. Don’t forget to hop along to the other spanking fiction writers and see what they’re gifting up as well.

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