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Saturday Spankings

First, I’d like to thank the people who visit my Saturday Spanking posts so reliably, week after week. I hope I’m entertaining you, if only for a few moments. I’d also like to apologize for not getting to your posts last week. I have excuses, but none make me feel less guilty. I’ll try to do better in the days ahead.

Now, onto the Saturday Spanking post!

This week, I’m sharing the last little tidbit of The Winner: Romantek Book One. I’m afraid if you want more than what I’ve shared thus far, you might have to *gasp* buy the book. 🙂

woodshed 483620_s

In this segment, Audrey and White Star are in the woodshed. Yes, you guessed it, she’s getting spanked in the woodshed. It’s a cliché, but a fun one. At this point in the activity, Audrey is not a happy camper. She’s resisting, even though she earned this spanking for acting like a tart and she knows it.

Cover: The Winner: Romantek Book One

Quick as a wink, White Star grabbed her wrists, and held them to the small of her back with her skirts. “Stop fightin’ me, Audrey, and take your medicine like a big girl.”

Tears formed in her eyes, even before he started the spanking. At about that time, the spanking commenced. The first blow made her gasp. The next several made her cringe. But the ones after that made her cry harder and squeal with pain. She didn’t even try to beg for mercy again.

To buy the book directly from Amazon, click here. From Blushing Books, here’s your link.

Thank you for joining me here this week! Hop ’till you drop:


  1. The photo of the woodshed set my mind racing with all sorts of naughty possibilities. Nice scene, Trish! 🙂

  2. Oh my, this really makes me want to read this, and I just haven’t had time. Dang it.

  3. Mmmm, love the woodshed!
    Great job!

  4. I’m looking forward to reading this book. The whole concept is intriguing.

  5. All I gotta say is that I’m in love with White Star already;) Woot, Patricia!!

  6. even if “spanking in a woodshed” is a cliche, you write a lovely spanking 🙂 great snippet

  7. That is so hot. I think it’s time for my vacation. Maybe I’ll get lucky!,

  8. Poor thing. Well, not really… Hey on what you said above by the way, I think we should all know that there are going to be weeks we can’t visit the sites and it’s ok 🙂

  9. Ouch Poor girl, I think it may be a while before she acts like a tart again.

  10. Love it that he calls her spanking a form of medicine and that she should take it like a big girl. Love the woodshed too.

  11. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    Woodsheds everywhere. Love the picture and the spanking he’s delivering, WOW

  12. As a spanking enthusiast I love the concept of the woodshed, even the word brings back childhood fantasies. I think she’s going to remember this spanking for a long time.

  13. Though woodshed spankings are cliche, they are so hot. Nice snippet. He’s not letting up.

  14. From her reactions, he certainly seems to be whaling the tar out of her.

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