#SatSpanks – Hairbrush and Hopping

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Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Get a roll of cotton batting and some duct tape to protect your butt because today, you’ll be getting spankings from everyone!

princessandthehuntsman_fullI’d like to share one more snippet from The Princess and the Huntsman, just in case there’s a person out there who hasn’t been inspired enough to pick up a copy. My job is to entertain, so I hope folks will give me that opportunity. We’ll be moving on to another book next week.

Tom Huntsman takes no nonsense, and will not abide Brandywyn endangering herself as she did with the wild boar. He spanks her with a hairbrush, and although she’s gone along with it, it hurts!

Her sobs grew louder and he spanked her again several times. “I ask you, woman, do you agree to behave?”

She nodded, her face red, her eyes dripping.

“Answer aloud. I wish to hear it from your own lips.” He gave her two more swats, at the place where her bottom met her thighs.

“Aye!” she cried. “Aye!”

“Four more to seal the bargain.”

Why are there always a few more for good measure? Do you think it makes the impression “stick”?

The Princess and the Huntsman is available at Amazon, Blushing Books (all formats), All Romance eBooks, and Barnes & Noble. This is a Stormy Night Publications release.

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