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Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Get a roll of cotton batting and some duct tape to protect your butt because today, you’ll be getting spankings from everyone!

princessandthehuntsman_fullI’d like to share one more snippet from The Princess and the Huntsman, just in case there’s a person out there who hasn’t been inspired enough to pick up a copy. My job is to entertain, so I hope folks will give me that opportunity. We’ll be moving on to another book next week.

Tom Huntsman takes no nonsense, and will not abide Brandywyn endangering herself as she did with the wild boar. He spanks her with a hairbrush, and although she’s gone along with it, it hurts!

Her sobs grew louder and he spanked her again several times. “I ask you, woman, do you agree to behave?”

She nodded, her face red, her eyes dripping.

“Answer aloud. I wish to hear it from your own lips.” He gave her two more swats, at the place where her bottom met her thighs.

“Aye!” she cried. “Aye!”

“Four more to seal the bargain.”

Why are there always a few more for good measure? Do you think it makes the impression “stick”?

The Princess and the Huntsman is available at Amazon, Blushing Books (all formats), All Romance eBooks, and Barnes & Noble. This is a Stormy Night Publications release.

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  1. Hairbrushes look so innocent but are so ouchy. Great snippet, I loved this part of the book.

  2. A hairbrush hurts a lot less than a wild boar getting ahold of her would. Nice snippet, Patricia!

  3. Lovely snippet Trish. Four swats to show her if she didn’t give him control he’d take it anyway 🙂

  4. Oh I doubt it. LOL I have a feeling this Princess is a bit bratty. 😉

  5. 4 more to seal the deal and win my heart. Loved it.

  6. You had me at hairbrush. Those extras always seem to be far more memorable than the entire spanking before them, don’t they?

  7. This is already on my list so you can stop teasing me Patricia. He sounds terrible. Really terrible… 😉

  8. Ouch! Oh, those extra spanks are the worst! But I guess it’s so we know, no matter what we say or do, the spanking isn’t over until he says so.

  9. Ouch! Four more the bully! She was already contrite… blasted men. I’m holding my seat so it’ hard to type you have it tingling and I haven’t been spanked in days.

  10. My bottom hurts just reading this. Of course there always have to be a few more… and I love your voice- your use of words. you are a literary master.

  11. LOL. Apparently a handshake isn’t a enough to seal the deal.

  12. Seems like he’s getting his point across. I would say poor princess, but I really don’t think that 😉

  13. Got my duct tape!

    I totally loved this book. It flowed wonderfully and I felt completely transported to that time.

  14. LMAO at your introduction, Patricia. Perhaps the readers might not want to protect their butts. 😉
    Very nice snippet, love your choice of words in “seal the deal”. Made me smile.

  15. Doms really don’t like the women in their care to put themselves in danger. I feel the princess is beginning to realize this.

  16. Leigh Smith (aka Sunny Girl)

    At least it was only four. I think Tom wanted to be sure to get his message across. Me thinks he did. Very nice.

  17. I’ve been looking forward to a taste of this one! Why the “good measure”? Good question: my guess is that it gives that little taste of non-consent that I at least love so much. . .

  18. yum! 4 more swats to seal the deal? Wonderful snippet, Patricia. This book sounds great

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