Saturday Spankings – Jeff Hand Learns Something New

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Saturday Spankings
Are you here to get a vicarious thrill watching someone else get their Saturday Spanking? Shame on you.

Have fun!

Cover: Handling StormyThis week, I realized that I’d only shared one little bit from Handling Stormy with you. I must remedy that at once, so here’s another short segment. Some of these sentences are really short, so I took a little liberty counting.

In this snippet, attorney Jeff Hand is out in the countryside visiting a client in the client’s home. As he knocks on the door, he hears noises from inside–noises that make him concerned for his clients’ safety. He barges in, ready to fight intruders. What he discovers is a man spanking his wife. Puzzled, Jeff calms down and they start a civilized conversation leading to this…

“Does the…the…um…”

“Spanking, son. That’s what it is.”

“Yes. Yes, of course. Well, does that settle things?”

“Almost always. It reminds her of her contract with me, to respect and obey, and sometimes it leads to other things more pleasant.” Now it was Leland’s turn to be a little embarrassed.

Maybe they should move on to business, though the idea of having a relationship like the Randolphs’ was a very interesting thing for Jeff to contemplate.

So now Jeff’s mind has been opened to new possibilities. This might be his ah-ha moment.

Do you remember when the spanker in your life had that “ah-ha this is okay” moment?

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