Saturday Spankings – Sometimes Sarcasm Stings

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Saturday Spankings

It’s Saturday, so it’s Saturday Spankings Day! I know you’ve been waiting for this day for a whole week. I’m sure the authors on this hop are going to make it worth your while.

disciplinedownunder_fullFor my part, I’m sharing eight sentences from my latest release, Discipline Down Under. It’s the story of Peggy Fisk, dilettante would-be nature photographer, and Tripp Ruf, her Aussie outback guide.

In this segment, Peggy is getting her first spanking from Tripp. She’s not much into it and isn’t having a good time, though, in reality, he’s not being too hard on her. It’s gone on for a few minutes by now.

Fire spread down her behind to the junction of her legs and cheeks. “Oh, stop! I get it. You are the lord and master. The patriarch of our little clan! I promise I’ll be good.”

He snorted. “Lord and master and patriarch. More sarcasm. Extra for that.”

Snippy isn’t a good idea when you’re already in the doghouse.

Discipline Down Under is available on Amazon Barnes & Noble Kobo and All Romance eBooks.

Thanks for joining me here for a little Saturday fun.

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