Why Positive Thinking Works

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“In order to carry a positive action we must develop a positive vision.” ~Dalai Lama

Last week we considered what positive thinking is, and briefly looked at how it affects your health. This week we’ll look at why positive thinking works the way it does.

Can positive thinking improve your life or is it just a pipe dream? Hey now, let’s not be negative!

Positive thinking is very effective at changing your life if you understand what it is and how it works.

Before you put on your rose-colored glasses, you need to realize positive thinking is more than just being a Pollyanna. Psychologists suggest that you focus on things like your belief in your abilities, which helps you come at challenges with a positive approach and make the best of bad situations.

Positive thinkers look at situations realistically while they look for ways to improve things and learn from their experiences.

A lot of research has found that positive thinkers cope differently in their lives than other people do. They are problem solvers who try to improve their lives. If a bad situation can’t be improved then they are more likely than pessimists to move on.

Optimists are more likely to engage in healthy habits that will protect them against disease. They are less likely to smoke, drink heavily or eat poorly. They exercise, sleep well and stick to rehab programs. Optimism is associated with better psychological health. Optimists are less depressed, have less anxiety and face difficult life situations with less distress. Positive thinking has a salutary effect on their bodies, leading to better decision-making and control over situations that optimists may find themselves in.

Positive thinking works by helping the body effectively change how you perceive bad situations in life. Teach your brain to think positively, and more than your thoughts will be affected. Your whole body will react to make you a happier person.

Thank you for reading through this article series. I hope it’s helped you make more favorable choices in how you think about things. Best of luck in all you do. You can do it!

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  • Thanks for this helpful series! I agree that positive thinking has to do with your faith in your abiliities to deal with whatever comes up (even if it’s not pleasant) vs. “oh, this is a tragedy, what will I do?”

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