#SatSpanks – Tom Huntsman Takes Brandywyn In Hand

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Saturday Spankings

Welcome to Saturday Spankings! Princess Brandywyn has had to deal with a few unwanted spankings lately. How about you?

princessandthehuntsman_fullA number of you have expressed curiosity about Princess Brandywyn’s spanking last week. It was given by a terrible kidnapper, who showed no mercy. This week, however, her rescuer, Tom Huntsman, has found her behavior less than sterling. He’s not above giving her a bit more than a few swats. But she isn’t going along without a protest.

“…You deserve another spanking.”

Brandywyn stood abruptly. “No! Do not touch me!”

“Stand behind the chair and put your hands on the back. Do it or it will go harder upon you.”

“I shall not! You cannot make me!”

He arched a brow. “Are you certain of that?”

I’m thinking he’ll get his way and Brandywyn won’t. Poor girl. Will she never learn? Read more in The Princess and the Huntsman, now available at Amazon, Blushing Books (all formats), Barnes & Noble, and All Romance eBooks.

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