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Hi, Everyone! You’ve probably already seen my Spanking Romance Round Table post, giving my opinion on Feminism and Spanking. It might be a little controversial, but I’m opinionated like that. You can find it here.

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Also today, my book, The Winner: Romantek is being featured on Celeste Jones’ Spanking Stories Book Club. She always asks insightful questions, and they don’t always pertain only to the book. Whether you’ve read The Winner yet or not, I hope you’ll pop over to Celeste’s place and add your two cents. It’s sure to be an interesting discussion.

Furthermore, The Princess and the Huntsman is firmly on the Amazon Top 100 for Erotica this week. It’s an honor to be among the greats. I feel like a bit of an impostor, but that won’t stop me from being excited by the company I’m keeping. If you haven’t read The Princess and the Huntsman, I hope you’ll take the word of a lot of other erotica readers and pick yourself up a copy. You can find the summary and an excerpt right here.

Lastly, I inked a contract with Blushing Books for the sequel to Kiki’s Millionaire. It’s called The Girl with the Thistle Tattoo. If you’ve been curious to find out what happens to Cal Chesterfield, this will be your chance. You’ll see it on the ebook shelves before the year is over, I expect.

Thanks for joining me on my peregrinations today, and don’t forget to come back for Saturday Spankings tomorrow. There’s always something fun going on around here!


SRRT graphicThe topic for this week’s Spanking Romance Round Table discussion is “Feminism and Spanking.” What a huge can of worms! Feminism, all by itself, is a topic worth 1000 posts.

I have a politically incorrect view on feminism. As I interpret the origins of feminism, it was intended to open doors for women, give them choices, make their lives more fulfilled. As of today’s posting, however, I find women to be more neurotic, more driven to depression, more haggard, given fewer choices, than any time I’ve experienced or read about.

Most have to work and yet manage a home. (Generally, they partner with men for this, and that can alleviate some of the stress.) There is huge pressure on SAHMs to get out in the workforce as soon as they can, put their children in daycare for indoctrination and generally get onto the hamster wheel. Once in the workforce, women are frowned upon if they don’t ambitiously strive to be the company CEO. They are discouraged from taking time off to tend to sick children or aging parents. Their peer group (other women) puts pressure on them to be superwoman or be shunned. This drives a lot of women into depression and runs them ragged, when what they really want to be is nurturing, peaceful, creative and steady.

This does not apply to all women, but from what I’ve seen, it sure applies to most.

woman in a box -modified -20239328_sHow does spanking fit in? Well, let’s say you are a spanked wife (or girlfriend). Can you imagine telling your sister or your co-worker? The “A-word” (abuse) would be right there, hanging out like bad breath. Most feminists would chalk a woman’s desire for disciplinary spanking to be sick, a horrific product of the patriarchy. And yet, so many of us want to have the structure, the peace, that comes with knowing that you have a partner who cares enough to help you correct your own unwanted behaviors. And that doesn’t even get into erotic spanking, which feminists are slightly more likely to accept, but you have to remember, radical feminists think having sex while half-asleep (already in bed with the guy and having shared that intimacy before) is akin to rape. As Dave Barry would say, “I’m not making this stuff up.”

So…in my opinion, modern feminism does not allow for spanking. This despite the fact that originally feminism was intended to give women more freedom to explore all their options. Political correctness takes away all those choices and tries to put women in a single, square, unyielding box.

Being in a box makes me claustrophobic. I don’t know about you.

For more thoughts on Feminism and Spanking, follow along through these links. Be sure to add your opinion to the discussion. We’re all in this together.